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SMB school is one of the Best School in South Tamil Nadu and the Best Matriculation School in the Dindigul district. The school has Wonderful Infrastructure with Latest Technologies in Laboratories in all fields in and around Tamil Nadu. The School provides Centum results every year in the secondary and higher secondary level in Tamil Nadu. Ours is one of the Best French Teaching School in Dindigul in the higher secondary level. The school comprises of Air Conditioned KG class rooms and sophisticated digitalized classrooms from primary classes to the higher secondary classes in Tamil Nadu. SMB school is an ISO Certified School in Dindigul. when we turn every leaf from the annals of this distinguished establishment we find that it has succumbed exclusively for the students' entrepreneurship. The school bears its title in the honour and glory of the generous and charitable, late Shriman S.M.B Manickam Nadar, a man of fabulous vision and prudence. The school revolves around the support rendered by ' the Dindigul Nadar Uravinmurai members who are known for their untiring service in the field of edication. Every year the school has grown and it has seen over 3 decades rolling past with outstanding results ever since the higher secondary took shape. The school takes its inspiration from the wotds of our Mahatma, " The future of the nation lies in the perfection of a school" . The school has seen a wide growth in its strength over the years. Rehearsal. The school committed to provide high quality education comprising of high standards in both academic and non-academic achievements by continually keeping at par with the techno world which leads to the satisfaction and holistics development of the students in Tamilnadu.

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Rorito Write wiz handwriting trainers gave a memento towards the successful completion of a year with its students.
Rorito Write wiz handwriting trainers gave a memento towards the successful completion of a year with its students.
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No.35,GTN salai,Dindigul,Tamilnadu,India,624005
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